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Panama Information Links

Air Panama Website for flight schedules (In Spanish). It is best to make in country flight reservations via Jose to save yourself from problems later on.
COPA Airlines Website for flight schedules and reservations.
Excellent Panama information page at the Cielito Sur Bed and Breakfast Website. Especially good section on Panama Birding.
Google Zoom Satellite Map of Panama City. Interesting birds-eye-views.
Panama-Zone Zoom Street Map of the Republic of Panama. This Website allows you to zoom into detailed street maps of Panama City and other Panama cities.
Panamas major newspaper - La Prensa Website (In Spanish).
Panama's English-Language Online Newspaper.
This is the Official Panama Canal Authority Website with Live Cams of ships passing through the locks and lots of other information.
This website has a lot of useful information about living in Panama.
U.S. Department of State Information about Panama.
An important blog about important current issues involving real estate investment and development in Panama. Lots of good info.
U.S. Embassy in Panama City Website
This is the CIA Fact Book section on Panama. Lots of information about the country of Panama .
Document Links
Drivers License [Word or Pdf]
  Information regarding the process of getting a Panama Driver's License as a U.S. Foriegner.
Embera Tour [Word or Pdf]
  Information regarding our Embera Indian Village Tour.
Passport Help [Word or Pdf]
  Information regarding our Passport renewal pick up and delivery services and example of the necessary consent letter.
Pet Relocation [Word or Pdf]
  Information regarding Panama Pet Relocation Home Quarantine process and the services we offer.


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