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Panama's Pet Relocation Home Quarantine Process
The Pet Relocation Home Quarantine process is a way that you can bring a pet into the Country of Panama without having to put your pet in a quarantine kennel. With the right certificates and coordination with Panamanian officials you can process and take your pet to your new home shortly after arrival. This is called the Pet Relocation Home Quarantine Process. Bringing a pet to Panama to live with you is not complicated, but it requires knowing and following the procedures. It is important that you understand the process and follow the rules. The Government requires strict adherence to the rules. Here is a list of the requirements. We can help you with all of this.
  1. The pet must have a current up-to-date Health Certificate dated no more than 10 days prior to arrival in Panama. It has to be signed by the Veterinarian on the right side and the USDA stamp with signature on the left side of the document. Just having the Veterinarian sign it is not enough.
  2. The Pet Health Certificate has to be authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate in your area or an Apostille certification agency. You will have to find out where to go in your area for Apostille certification.
  3. Pet should have an updated Rabies Vaccination (not required for puppies).
  4. Pet must have Multi Vaccinations (DHLPIPV).
  5. The Pet should arrive with the record book of vaccinations.
  6. MIDA import license fee is $16.00 for one pet and $10.00 for each additional pet.
  7. Health Ministry "Home Quarantine" process costs $130.00 per pet.
  8. The Panamanian Authorities offer services Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM. They are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.

(Link to Pet Relocation Information Download [Word doc] [Pdf])

We can help you with all of this and make it easier. Contact us with the necessary information, we will then workout an agreement with costs with you and then with your permission initiate the process.

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